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Vineyards Running Festival
Sunday 7 November 2021

Vineyards Running Festival

We're Fit City Events and we've been producing mass participation sporting events around Melbourne, Australia since 2018. Over time we've been able to refine our operations as we constantly strive to discover the optimal way of creating, building and delivering fun and engaging events. We value innovation and creativity as we transform events into experiences.

Our Services
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Full Event Delivery
We can organise the entire event for you from event plans, permit applications, organising suppliers and contractors, and staff management right through to event day delivery and operations.
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Website Development
We just make websites for fun, and we can make them for you too. Each of our sites is tailored for its purpose and can be set up in a way that you can use easily once built.
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Event Support
If you've got ideas, and got an event mostly off the ground and you're looking for support and guidance in delivering your event.
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Event Marketing
If you are looking for ways to bring in new audience, then let's chat and discover ways in which we can expose your event to new audiences.
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Equipment Hire
Some of our equipment is available for hire.
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